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THYVA (Turkish Virtual Airlines) is not affiliated with or sponsored by Turkish Airlines. The trademarks Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet, the livery and logo designs, and other such marks are the property of Turkish Airlines and its affiliates.

THYVA is a virtual airline that does not physically fly passengers on actual aircraft, does not sell tickets/goods/services, and does not own office or retail space at any location depicted or replicated by their operations.

THYVA is also not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any other real-world airline entity that it may simulate from time-to-time.

2Use of Logos, Liveries and Trademarks

All Turkish Airlines logos and trademarks, past or present, are the sole property of Turkish Airlines. All aircraft liveries and images are intellectual property of their rightful owner and/or creator, and THYVA does not claim responsibility for any aircraft, repaint, or photo that may be posted on this site, unless explicitly stated as a creation of THYVA.

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4Website Credits

Portions of this website are creditied to the following:

  • • phpVMS (Open Source VA Management Software)
  • • vmsACARS (Virtual Flight Tracking Software)
  • • Disposable Addons (Open Source addons for phpVMS)
  • • THYVA Addons (Custom addons specially built for THYVA to work with phpVMS)

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