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FlightPilotFromToDate A/CDist.RatingInfo
TK617 Damo Virgile KonanLTBAGMMN 21 Sep, 15:36B7381786 nm% 25
TK845 Güven AlbayrakLTACLTBA 21 Sep, 14:54B739197 nm% 100
TK2693 Ufuk ErselLTCKLTBA 21 Sep, 14:19A320607 nm% -15
TK269 Sébastien MagbyLTBALUKK 21 Sep, 13:22B738357 nm% 100
TK7224 Berkan CamLTFJLTCE 21 Sep, 13:01B738545 nm% 100
TK2692 Ufuk ErselLTBALTCK 21 Sep, 11:59A320607 nm% -40
TK2146 Faruk DinçerLTBALTAC 21 Sep, 11:14A320197 nm% 90
TK1365 Mert AydınLTBALFML 21 Sep, 11:09B7381056 nm% 75
TK7089 Güven AlbayrakLTCKLTAC 21 Sep, 11:01B739411 nm% 67
TK2435 Volkan TaşLTAILTBA 21 Sep, 10:48B739261 nm% 100
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Airline Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
45870130663280489220:36 33452574 nm7208488347258127 kg

Daily Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
1961331:01 10757 nm267659334 kg

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THYVA Izmir FLY-IN Event

2017-09-05 11:42:32

  THYVA welcomes all IVAO Pilots to fly in to our destination Izmir (LTBJ) Fly-In Event for the liberation of Izmir Special for 9th of September between 18.00z - 20.30z. For more information click here.

New Security System is Implemented

2017-05-15 14:35:36

  We have implemented a new security system. Therefore, your password must be changed for this one time. We have reset all passwords. Feel free to change it with your first login. If you encounter any problem, please contact us with your IVAO ID.

THYVA Destination LTBA Event

2017-04-18 21:50:36

  THYVA welcomes all IVAO Pilots to fly in to our Destination LTBA Event on Friday, 21st of April 2017 from 17.30Z - 20.30Z.
For more information click here

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