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FlightPilotFromToDate A/CDist.RatingInfo
TK775 Ahmad Al HaekOOMSLTBA 22 Jun, 01:44B7391809 nm% 90
TK811 Can DüzenLLBGLTBA 22 Jun, 01:39B739612 nm% 100
TK2807 Sinan Sarp EkmekciogluLTFHLTBA 22 Jun, 01:14B738350 nm% 90
TK7021 Oğuz Berk OzcanLTAILTAC 22 Jun, 00:02A321220 nm% -18
TK794 Can DüzenLTBALLBG 21 Jun, 23:29B739612 nm% 100
TK653 Julian GanchevLTBADAAG 21 Jun, 23:26A3211220 nm% 69
TK294 Mustafa Emre ErgençURRRLTBA 21 Jun, 22:53A320605 nm% 95
TK2410 Oğuz Berk OzcanLTBALTAI 21 Jun, 22:32A321261 nm% 62
TK7144 Berke GokaydinLTACLTCC 21 Jun, 22:25B738362 nm% 76
TK845 Emre Caner CelbişLTACLTBA 21 Jun, 22:24A320197 nm% 100
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Airline Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
564531564240811110238:30 41271743 nm8859671400876878 kg

Daily Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
4137:57 2991 nm5687031 kg

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International Children's Day

2018-04-22 12:16:29

  IVAO Event Dep. welcomes all pilots to fly in to LTBA - Istanbul Atatürk International Airport - Fly With your Child Event on Monday, 23rd of April 2018 from 18:00Z - 21:00Z.
For more information click here

Mr. Perfect Award!

2018-03-02 13:35:29

  We realized that our system might falsely award pilots the Mr. Perfect Award in case of tie in rating system. From now on, while assigning this award, system will give the award to the person who flew most in case of tie. We also fixed this for 2017 and 2018 awards

Touchdown VS Problem - Fix

2018-01-14 22:16:13

  Dear pilots, Thanks to some of our careful pilots, we noticed that our point system miscalculates pilot points when touchdown vs is absolute 0. Normally, vFDR is capable of understanding touchdown vs. However, due to a misconfiguration, in some cases vFDR understands it as 0. To prevent any future and possible abuse, we decided to set -200 fpm in these cases. Thanks for your understanding.

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