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FlightPilotFromToDate A/CDist.RatingInfo
TK2116 Haluk BarutçuLTBALTAC 26 Mar, 20:35B738197 nm% 54
TK254 Fetullah CandanLTBAUTDD 26 Mar, 19:16B7381837 nm% -168
TK1662 Cengiz KoçakEDDHLTBA 26 Mar, 19:11B7381073 nm% 50
TK7046 Kasım PaşaoğluLTACLTCR 26 Mar, 19:07B738398 nm% 91
TK2317 Aykut BaşarLTBJLTBA 26 Mar, 18:55B738178 nm% 70
TK2648 Tunç ÖğetLTBALTCU 26 Mar, 18:32B737557 nm% 77
TK2692 Samet UzunLTBALTCK 26 Mar, 18:27B738607 nm% 100
TK1301 Serkan YaraşLTBALEVC 26 Mar, 18:07B7381339 nm% 100
TK2552 Amir DehqanLTBALTBS 26 Mar, 17:50A320256 nm% 94
TK2718 Özcan DönmezLTBALTCT 26 Mar, 17:29A321690 nm% 30
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Airline Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
647061745847248127641:56 47901715 nm10181118449895955 kg

Daily Statistics

FlightsAirbusBoeingHours DistancePaxCargo
2952464:44 24383 nm4707131479 kg

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About vFlight Data Recorder

2019-03-23 10:34:49

  Dear pilots, We all have been experiencing some problems with our vFDR application. We are pleased to inform you that we managed to fix all problems and completed our tests successfully. We have published vFDR version 2.1.0. You can download the new version via the link below: We thank you for your patience and hope to see you in skies!

International Children's Day

2018-04-22 12:16:29

  IVAO Event Dep. welcomes all pilots to fly in to LTBA - Istanbul Atatürk International Airport - Fly With your Child Event on Monday, 23rd of April 2018 from 18:00Z - 21:00Z.
For more information click here

Mr. Perfect Award!

2018-03-02 13:35:29

  We realized that our system might falsely award pilots the Mr. Perfect Award in case of tie in rating system. From now on, while assigning this award, system will give the award to the person who flew most in case of tie. We also fixed this for 2017 and 2018 awards

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